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Chrome-to-Firefox - Day 2

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Feb. 10th, 2011 | 04:42 pm

So I'm on my second day using Firefox, at home, at school and at work. I'm using Firefox 4 Beta 11 on all three machines, with the Aurora Australis persona theme on, with either Adblock Plus, Stylish or both installed. I've come up with another use case of Firefox against Chrome in my quest to see how long I can use Firefox.

The Tab Groups are a neat feature. In Firefox 4, what this feature does is allow you to separate your tabs into... wait for it... GROUPS! I know, that's amazing, right? Anyway, what this means is that any tabs that are NOT in a group are HIDDEN until you go and select that group.

I've been using it to sort out tabs for different classes or tabs for specific purposes, like my tabs for The Layabouts, or tabs that people might take the wrong way.

I reckon that it could still be improved though. If Firefox provided a quicker way to switch groups through a drop-down list or some way, that would be awesome! At the moment, the current way of going into a separate full-screen page to organise my tabs could start to feel annoying.

But, hey, that's what addons are for right?

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