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Thanks to my stubborn unthinking nature, I just fucked myself over. Bad.

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Feb. 26th, 2011 | 09:36 am

Well. Today my sister Beth accidentally knocked over my computer tower, and the comp locked up. I decided to move back to where my computer desk used to be, but my computer wouldn't turn on. At all.

Talking to Henri on AIM, I had the feeling that my power supply was dead. And I was pissed when I realised this might have been what happened. So... I threw my phone. Hard. Across the room. And ended up making a plaster hole in the wall.

"Oh, shit... I'm dead."

Then suddenly it's 12PM and parents are back to help me out. Not before they notice the hole in the wall.

Dad said it best; I'm a total asshat.

But it gets better; turns out the issue with my computer wasn't that the PSU was dead - it was something much, much, much, much, much simpler; as simple as that... it was the cord that was faulty.

So now I feel stupid and I'm a dickhead as well. I feel terrible.

I can't be trusted on my own anymore. I was ordered to surrender my Android phone as I couldn't take care of it. And what was going to be a celebration of my Centerlink payment gonig through, over at Pizza Hut, turned into an interogation.

Just because I didn't think for a few seconds, but I'm right back to square one. For the nth time.

Heh. You didn't think I would actually MATURE, would you?

I can feel terrible all I want, but I have to fix this. With my newfound money, I'll have to fix the wall myself.

I don't think I can let myself touch a computer for quite a while.

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