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Chrome-to-Firefox - Day 2

Feb. 10th, 2011 | 04:42 pm

So I'm on my second day using Firefox, at home, at school and at work. I'm using Firefox 4 Beta 11 on all three machines, with the Aurora Australis persona theme on, with either Adblock Plus, Stylish or both installed. I've come up with another use case of Firefox against Chrome in my quest to see how long I can use Firefox.

The Tab Groups are a neat feature. In Firefox 4, what this feature does is allow you to separate your tabs into... wait for it... GROUPS! I know, that's amazing, right? Anyway, what this means is that any tabs that are NOT in a group are HIDDEN until you go and select that group.

I've been using it to sort out tabs for different classes or tabs for specific purposes, like my tabs for The Layabouts, or tabs that people might take the wrong way.

I reckon that it could still be improved though. If Firefox provided a quicker way to switch groups through a drop-down list or some way, that would be awesome! At the moment, the current way of going into a separate full-screen page to organise my tabs could start to feel annoying.

But, hey, that's what addons are for right?

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Chrome and Firefox - Why I'm a Chrome user but adore Firefox

Feb. 9th, 2011 | 05:25 pm

I won't lie, I'm a full-time Google Chrome user. Sometimes I'll forgo Chrome for its open-sourced twin Chromium. That doesn't stop me from wanting to check out Firefox now and again.

So, as I am typing this out in Gmail, in Chrome, I'm in a Firefox window browsing sites. I haven't imported any bookmarks from Chrome, and the only addon I have installed so far is a Tabs Badge affair. I plan to see how long I can keep using Firefox before I either miss Chrome too much and switch back to it, or something Firefox-related pulls me away from it.

So why do I like to use Chrome? Well let's see...
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Built-in syncing with preferences, themes, addons, bookmarks and passwords
So at least in my head it's the logical choice. And it's why I'm so used to it.

But then if I'm happy with Chrome, why am I using Mozilla Firefox? Why do I want to?
Well, it isn't to say I'm not interested in Firefox still; Mozilla is currently in the process of making Firefox 4 (yeah, I'm using the beta 11) and its community publish lots of high-quality addons. The reasons that I still have to use Firefox are:

  • Clean
  • Fits the UI
  • Amazing customizability
  • Massive addon database
So yeah. From today I'll be trying out Firefox, perhaps alongside Chrome, perhaps not, I haven't decided yet.

What I'd like to know from any blog readers though is, if you use Firefox, what would you consider its most useful feature? Any tips for keeping it under control?

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From The Net: Vapor - Crossplatform Steam Client (in development)

Feb. 8th, 2011 | 04:41 pm

WELP. Pretty awesome this came to pass, but should be interesting how Valve reacts to this... but hey

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A Tale of Wet Roofs

Feb. 5th, 2011 | 01:09 pm

It may be a nice new house, but for a while we've been troubled by rain sitting in the roof. We had a tradesman come around to fix it because honestly, it should have been fixed before we moved in.

With the rain, though, it seems to have gotten worse, with the rain leaking through the roof and onto tgr floor.

The paint's blistering on the roof above my computer, so I might have to move it or put it away. Great.

I'll have to see how fate goes.

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Tweetdeck's Integrated Deck.ly Service

Feb. 2nd, 2011 | 03:13 pm

Recently I started using Tweetdeck for Chrome again, being the flipflopper that I am. And as I do, I was trying to reformat a tweet so it would stay in 140 characters. Now I figure out that there's this new service (mainly because it told me when I went over the limit) called Deck.ly, which is essentially Twitlonger, integrated into all of Tweetdeck's versions.


What I would like to figure out though is, as you can see there's a section for comments. Why? Does it integrate back into tweetdeck? It's a bit confusing.


I do love the look of this page though, and it integrates well with the Tweetdeck look. I'll probably be using this a lot more.

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Hey There Everyone - This Is A Personal Project Involving Raocow

Jan. 24th, 2011 | 08:28 pm

Well, okay, not ACTUALLY Raocow, but his videos.

Since a month or so ago I embarked on a little project to consolidate all of Let’s Player Raocow’s LP videos. Or at least, the ones I’d watched. I would split the videos into world-by-world files, categorise them by the LP they were linked to, and then send them to my Zune so I could watch all of a world in one sitting.

Where possible, I would cut out intro and outro parts in such a way that I could “seamlessly” hand off one video to the next without a change of scenery (though some of the resulting footage has Raocow doing his usual “and next time” lines before going onto the next level… it’s a thing but it can’t be helped) except for the intro and outro of the world itself. (Unless Raocow continues to play the next world, in which case I find some cutoff point.)

While doing this, I also took some liberty (since this is for myself) merging his various ‘parts’ when applicable (that is, if he uploads a two-part episode) and speeding up elevator segments (because seriously).

I do want to make a sample video explaining it, but I’m not sure how I’d showcase merged video. :P Any tips about that would be nice.

And I don’t think I could ever actually upload all the video – They’re WMV files and even only Vip 1 is 6 hours long, and 1.74GB!

I would love to do more of these though, and I probably will – I just finished Vip4, and I’d love to put together Hyper V, ya know? :P

Creepy? Maybe. His videos ARE fun to watch, though. It’s sort of become a staple of my life.

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Jan. 24th, 2011 | 12:08 pm

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Computer Karma

Jan. 19th, 2011 | 03:31 pm

I whine again. Yay...

   (1334 KB)
Listen on posterous

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Android 3.0 Preview was released recently...

Jan. 6th, 2011 | 04:35 pm

Seeing this video, I'm probably gonna hold out on upgrading my phone. Though, that said, 2.3 seems to be the last we'll see of the phone interface.

Which is kinda sad to be honest, but hey, Gingerbread sounds like it's meant to be pretty definitive.

I would definitely love to have an Android Tablet after seeing this video though.

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Let The Music Play - My Media Playing Setup

Dec. 27th, 2010 | 08:14 pm

So, I recently reformatted my computer, and in the process decided to clean out and organise my huge volume of music, reducing it down to game soundtracks I like, and music that I absolutely love (Daft Punk, Justice), as well as categorising everything. This does mean I have less material for Neural Psychosis stuff at the moment, but that should soon be fixed.

The two pictures I've got here are of my folder setup for My Music, and of my library in Foobar2000 (which is actually a more playlist-oriented software). As I only listen to certain groups of music anyway, this helps me out in the long run.

And by sorting out my music into more comprehensible categories rather than lumping it all together, I know where certain things are when I need it. (Note that songs from users on YouTube, like Generic CAW, go into "Non-Commercial Music" as there's not nearly enough in my library now to warrant its own category of "YouTube Music"!)

Having it organised like this is more likely to help me out now, and in the future as I build up my library and make more Neural Psychosis mixes!

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